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What we DO?

Skill-based Courses

Skill-based courses offer practical, job-ready skills quickly. Whether entering a new field or enhancing current abilities, diverse courses cater to various industries.

Live Free Training

TS Bridge Edu empowers educators, students, and lifelong learners with skills for the digital age. Our free live training, led by industry experts, offers hands-on learning experiences.

Tailored Internship

Our internships offer hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies, mentorship from industry experts, and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings.

Job Opportunities & Recommendations

TS Bridge Edu connects you with personalized job recommendations, aligning with your skills, interests, and career goals, ensuring a fulfilling career journey.

Community Building

We foster connections among graduate students, educators, and industry pros, building a supportive network that encourages collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Networking Events

Networking events connect graduate students with professionals, expanding their network and offering growth opportunities in their field.


Our graduate hackathons encourage collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving, fostering creativity and empowering participants to unleash their full potential in dynamic challenges.


Our seminars feature guest speakers and industry experts, providing graduate students with real-world insights and inspiration for their professional aspirations.


Our workshops cover diverse topics, from technical skills to personal growth, offering graduate students valuable insights and practical knowledge for career success.


Through collaboration, we transform education, bridging academia and professional success. Partnering with colleges enriches learning for institutions, educators, and students.

Student Portfolio Building

In a competitive market, a strong portfolio is crucial. We offer tools and guidance for students to create impressive portfolios showcasing their skills and achievements.

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